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K-Bay Intramural Tackle Football Guidelines

The K-Bay ITF Assignments will be handled by Brian Souza this year.  Please make sure he is aware of your interest in participating, and that you've provided him with your personal information to be sent to MCBH for a required background check, in order to be granted access to Camp Smith.  (Including those already with a valid DoD ID Card.)

FYI: "MCBH" stands for Marine Corps Bases Hawaii, which includes both the Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe, and Camp Smith, in Aiea.
The significant sections that relate to our officiating responsibilities are as follows:

Section 6. Forfeits

  1. Game time is forfeit time. Teams not ready to play at their scheduled time (1830) will forfeit the game.

Section 7. Protests

  1. The League Board of Directors shall rule on the following:
    1. Protests of any disputed contest caused by misapplication of the rules.
    2. Protests concerning eligibility of participants.
  2. Circumstances of legitimate protests shall be submitted in writing, and signed by the Unit Commander.
  3. Protest must be submitted to the Athletic Director not later than 1600 hours on the next working day following the game in question.
  4. Protests concerning judgment calls will not be entertained.

Section 8. Un-sportsmanlike Conduct/Personal Fouls

  1. Un-sportsmanlike conduct shall include, but not limited to insulting gestures or remarks, abusive or profane language by players, coaches or spectators is an automatic 15-yard penalty.
  2. Any player ejected for un-sportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the remainder of the game, and the next game on their team’s schedule.
  3. Any player ejected for un-sportsmanlike conduct two times during the course of the season will be ineligible for further participation in the league. A written letter will be sent to their Commander explaining the decision. Un-sportsmanlike penalties include:
    1. Baiting, taunting acts or words to demean opponents
    2. Using profanity, insulting or vulgar language or gestures
    3. Refusing to comply with officials request
    4. No coach or player shall attempt to influence officials decision
    5. Disrespectfully addressing the referee
    6. Failure to wear legal, required and proper equipment
    7. Coaches and players not in lined designated team box
    8. Illegally kicking or batting the ball after play is finished
  4. Personal fouls by an individual shall include but not limited to spearing, helmet to helmet contact and fighting:
    1. First offense 15-yard penalty and a verbal warning by referee, player to sit out one play.
    2. Second offense automatic ejection from the game and suspension from the team’s next two games.
    3. Third offense committed by the player during the season will be an automatic ejection for the remainder of the season.
    4. All personal fouls will be reported to the respective teams’ Commanding Officer.
    5. Personal foul penalties include:
      1. Striking with fist, forearm, elbow or locked hands
      2. Kicking an opposing player
      3. Kneeing an opposing player
      4. Spearing
      5. Helmet to helmet contact
      6. Illegal blocks aimed at the knees
      7. Hits out of bounds
      8. Hitting an opponent obviously not in the play
      9. Intentionally grabbing the face mask or any helmet opening
      10. Leaving the team box during a fight
      11. Intentionally contacting an official
      12. Piling on any opponent lying on the ground
      13. Throwing an opponent to the ground after play is over

Fighting is an automatic suspension for the rest of the season, if a fight occurs during the playoffs that person or persons will be suspended for four (4) games the following season. Ex: Fight in 2006 playoffs will be suspended for the first 4 games of 2007 season. Any infraction by the same individual or individuals will be suspension for the rest of season.

Section 9. Restrictions

  1. Any team member under the influence of drugs or alcohol or observed indulging, by officials or league representatives, prior to or during his/her team's competition, will forfeit the right to participate in that game. Teams will be assessed an un-sportsmanlike conduct penalty and the teams commanding officer will be notified of all incidents.
  2. Offensive language by players, coaches and spectators is prohibited.
  3. All tobacco products are prohibited on the field or sidelines, any infraction will result in a 15yard un-sportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Section 10. Uniforms/Equipment

  1. Teams must wear uniforms that are issued by MCCS. Teams are allowed to purchase uniforms at their own expense. However, they must have approval from the IM coordinator on uniform color. All players must wear the same color uniforms during games.
  2. Players may use gloves designed for wide receivers provided that they are made of soft leather and the Velcro wrist straps are covered with tape or sweatbands.
  3. Clear plastic shields on the face masks are okay, NO DARK TINT OR MIRRORED SHIELDS are allowed.

Section 15. Local Rules

  1. Game time is forfeit time. No grace period.
  2. Games will consist of four 15-minute quarters RUNNING CLOCK, REGULATION TIME 2 MINUTES LEFT IN HALF AND GAME, one 10-minute half time.
  3. Games that end in a tie will be decided by four (4) consecutive plays from the 10-yard line. The team to score in the least amount of plays will be declared the winner. In the event that the teams score in same amount of downs, then the cycle will be repeated.
  4. Scoring: Touchdown = 6 points. Extra Point: Kick= 1 point, 2 points for a pass or run into the end zone. Field Goals= 3 points.

Section 16. Significant Dates

  1. Regular season play will commence on 4 Sep 2012, and end approximately 30 Nov 2012.

All games will be played at Bordelon Field, Camp Smith.
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