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Code of Ethics - A Good Official Shall:

  • Not officiate any game after having had an alcoholic drink that day.  
  • Not converse with crowds at any time before, during or after game, intermissions included. 
  • Not be requested to officiate a game or games from any coach, League or Official Thereof. No Official shall obligate him/herself to any person affiliated with any game he might be assigned to officiate. 
  • Be in good physical condition. Be prompt for appointments. Not be over-officious. 
  • Not become intimate with coaches or affiliates of teams for whom he/she might be assigned league games. 
  • Not criticize or attempt to explain other Official's judgment on decisions to either coach, team or affiliate thereof.  
  • Never argue with players. If a player asks a question, he should listen to it, and then give a definite and decisive answer, but should not quibble about any situation. 
  • Assist players in the interpretations of rules when such request is made at a proper time. (Do not coach.)
  • Give each team his/her best effort, as the Official is the paid representative to administer the rules of the game.
  • Enthusiastically adhere to the ideals of sportsmanship, qualities of loyalty, courage, unselfishness, self-discipline and authority.
  • By his/her actions both on and off the field be a credit to the profession of officiating. 
  • Continue to improve officiating skills, knowledge of the rules and mechanics every season.
  • Work as a member of a Field Crew, for the common good of the Crew and the Organization.
  • Always respect the dignity, feelings and individuality of Crew members, fellow Officials, OIA and ILH Administrators, players, and coaches.
  • This requirement is also extended to other High School Sports Officials. Officiating, irrespective of the sport, is challenging at BEST and mutual respect is necessary and appropriate.  We are recognized as football Officials and not just as parents and fans.  
  • Adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the State of Hawaii Department of Education, the OIA and ILH. 
  • Not participate in any gambling activities that will bring any negatives toward the OIA and Football Officials. 
  • Acknowledge and report to Commissioner and assignor possible conflicts of interest.  Conflicts of interest can be defined as:  Working game of alma mater within 5 years of graduating from the school; If you have family connections with the school; or if you’ve had a major blow-up/run-in with a particular player or coach of a school within 3 yrs.  (From Referee Magazine, June 2010)
  • Not smoke on Department of Education property, or in sight of the field, players, administrators and students.
  • Attend training sessions as well as weekly evaluation meetings. 
  • Be prompt for meetings, games, and training sessions. 
  • Not accept payment for games not worked.
  • Honor all financial commitments to the Organization and fellow officials, as well as be responsible for prompt reimbursements for purchases, etc. 

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